IEEE Based 2010 - 2011 - 2012 Power Electronics Projects


  1. A direct AC-AC converter for inductive power transfer systems
  2. A dual full bridge resonant class-e bidirectional DC-DC converter
  3. A dual-mode controller for the boost PFC converter
  4. A fully soft switched two quadrant bidirectional
  5. A low-power asynchronous step-down DC–DC converter for implantable devices
  6. A new AC-DC converter using bridgeless SEPIC
  7. A new bridgeless PFC SEPIC and CUK rectifiers with low conduction and switching losses
  8. A new current-driven synchronous rectifier for series–parallel resonant (LLC) DC–DC converter
  9. A new high-efficiency single-phase transformer less PV inverter topology
  10. A new single-phase single-stage three-level power factor correction AC-DC converter
  11. A new single-phase soft-switching power factor correction converter
  12. A novel capacitor-switched regenerative snubber for DC/DC boost converters
  13. A novel low-loss modulation strategy for high-power bi-directional buck and boost converters
  14. A novel single-stage high-power-factor AC/DC converter featuring high circuit efficiency
  15. A phase shifted semi-bridgeless boost power factor corrected converter for plug in hybrid electric vehicle battery chargers
  16. Analysis and comparison of multiphase DC/DC converters with coupled inductors in medium power applications
  17. Analysis and design of a soft-switched PWM SEPIC DC-DC converter
  18. Bridgeless high-power-factor buck converter
  19. Chaos control in dc arc furnaces powered by parallel DC-DC buck converters
  20. Comparison of power quality improvement techniques in AC-DC CUK converter
  21. Current control for high dynamic high power multiphase buck converters
  22. DC-DC power converter with digital PID controller
  23. Design and realization of highly integrated isolated DC/DC micro-converter
  24. Direct AC–AC converters using commercial power
  25. Dynamic computer simulation model for a ZETA CONVERTER in DCM
  26. Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) to reduce the development cost of power electronic converters
  27. Isolated single primary winding multiple-input converters
  28. Isolated zeta converter: principle of operation and design in continuous conduction mode
  29. Modeling and simulation of a new bridgeless SEPIC power factor correction circuit
  30. New stability analysis for tuning PI controller of power converters in railway application
  31. Nonlinear current-mode controller for DC/DC boost power converters
  32. Power factor correction boost converter based on the three-state switching cell
  33. Power management using boost converter for wireless sensor network application
  34. Power-electronics-based solutions for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle energy storage and management systems
  35. Quasi-z-source-based isolated DC/DC converters for distributed power generation
  36. Resonance-assisted buck converter for offline driving of power led replacement lamps
  37. Robust digital voltage-mode controller for fifth-order boost converter
  38. Single-phase SEPIC based PFC converter for PMBLDCM drive in air-conditioning system
  39. Soft switching converter for ultra capacitor interface circuits
  40. Start-up process and step response of a DC–DC converter loaded by constant power loads
  41. A KY boost converter
  42. A high efficiency fly back converter with new active clamp technique
  43. A manual mobile phone charger
  44. A new direct peak dc-link voltage control strategy
  45. A passive lossless snubber applied to the AC–DC
  46. A single-input space vector for control of AC–DC
  47. An improved control method for inductive
  48. An improved direct torque control for three-level inverter-fed induction motor sensor less drive
  49. An interleaved totem-pole boost bridgeless rectifier with reduced reverse-recovery problems for power factor correction
  50. Analysis and design of high-frequency isolated Dual-bridge series resonant DC/DC converter
  51. Analysis of the PWM boost type rectifier under Unbalanced input voltage conditions
  52. Control strategy to achieve input and output voltage sharing for input-seriesEoutput-series-connected Inverter systems
  53. Direct Control Strategy for a Four-Level Three-Phase Flying-Capacitor Inverter
  54. Estimation of optimized power quality in micro Controller based cascaded multilevel inverter
  55. Flying-capacitor-based chopper circuit for dc capacitor voltage balancing in diode-clamped multilevel inverter
  56. FPGA-based combined PWM-PFM technique t control Dc-Dc converters
  57. High step-up boost converter with coupled Inductor and switched capacitor
  58. High step-up converter based on charge pumps and boost converter
  59. Performance comparison of single-phase Current-fed inverters
  60. Space vectors modulation for Nine-switch converters
  61. The advantages, limitations and disadvantages of Z-Source Inverter
  62. Three-phase PWM inverters with three-phase output transformer and three-phase filte inductor
  63. Topology analysis of a switched-inductor Z-SOURCE inverter
  64. Trans- Z-SOURCE Inverters
  65. 250mv Input Boost Converter for Low Power Applications
  66. A 6-kw, 2-kwh Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System Using a Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converter
  67. A High-Efficiency AC/DC Converter with Quasi-Active Power Factor Correction
  68. A Single-Phase Z-SOURCE Buck–Boost Matrix Converter
  69. A Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter with High Voltage Gain
  70. Adaptive Frequency Control for ZVS Synchronous Boost Converters Operated in Average Current Mode
  71. Analysis and design of forward converter with energy regenerative snubber
  72. Control method for a novel converter topology for permanent magnet drives
  73. Hierarchical control of bridge-of-bridge multilevel power converters
  74. Non isolated High Step-up Boost Converter Integrated with SEPIC Converter
  75. Quasi Sliding Mode Controller for Single Phase PFC Boost Converter
  76. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Drive System Using Two Parallel Single-Phase Rectifiers
  77. Soft-Switching PS-PWM DC–DC Converter for Full-Load Range Applications
  78. Zero-Voltage Transition H-Bridge DC-DC Converter with Load-side Energy Recovery
  79. High-Efficient Multilevel Half-Bridge Converter
  80. Zero-Voltage- and Zero-Current-Switching Full-Bridge Converter With Secondary Resonance
  81. ZVS & ZCS Full-Bridge Converter with Secondary Resonance
  82. Steady-State Stability of Current Mode Active-Clamp ZVS DC–DC Converters
  83. A ZCS Full-Bridge Converter without Voltage Overstress on the Switches
  84. Isolated Bidirectional Full-Bridge Converter with a Fly back Snubber
  85. An improved control method for inductive load of Z-SOURCE inverter
  86. A New Direct Peak DC-link Voltage Control Strategy of Z-source Inverters
  87. Single-Stage Soft-Switching Converter with Boost Type of Active Clamp for Wide Input Voltage Ranges
  88. DC–AC Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter with No Inductors for Electric Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
  89. A novel DC-AC Single Phase Resonant Inverter using soft switching boost converter
  90. A Non isolated Bidirectional ZVS-PWM Active Clamped DC–DC Converter
  91. Digital PWM Control for Isolated DC-DC Converters with Two Pulses Modulating PWM
  92. ZVS Resonant DC-link Inverter using Soft Switching Boost Converter
  93. A Novel Active Clamped Dual Switch Fly back Converter
  94. Very-High-Frequency Resonant Boost Converters
  95. Improved Z-Source Inverter With Reduced Z-SOURCE Capacitor Voltage Stress and Soft-Start Capability
  96. Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverter with a Bidirectional Buck–Boost Stage for Harmonic Injection and Distributed Generation
  97. A Three-Level Full-Bridge Zero-Voltage Zero-Current Switching Converter With a Simplified Switching Scheme
  98. General Control Considerations for Input-Series Connected DC/DC Converters
  99. Soft-Switching Interleaved Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain
  100. Four Switch Buck-Boost Converter for Telecom DC-DC Power Supply Applications
  101. Topological and Modulation Design of Three-Level Z-Source Inverters
  102. Race-Control Algorithm for the Full-Bridge PRCP Converter Using Cost- Effective FPGA
  103. Switching Flow-Graph Modeling Technique for Three-Phase Inverters
  104. Inductor less DC-AC Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter for Electric-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
  105. A Hybrid Control Algorithm for Voltage Regulation in DC–DC Boost Converter
  106. Current-Fed Resonant Full-Bridge Boost DC/AC/DC Converter
  107. Buck–Boost-Type Unity Power Factor Rectifier with Extended Voltage Conversion Ratio
  108. A Novel Zero-Voltage-Switching PWM Full Bridge Converter
  109. An Analysis of the ZVS Two-Inductor Boost Converter under Variable Frequency Operations
  110. A Low Cost Utility Interactive Inverter for Residential Fuel Cell Generator
  111. A FPGA-Based Generalized Pulse Width Modulator for Three-Leg Center-Split and Four-Leg Voltage Source Inverter
  112. A Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Driving System
  113. A novel single-stage full-bridge buck-boost inverter
  114. Maximum Boost Control of Z- SOURCE Inverter
  115. Design of Soft Switch 6- KW Battery Charger

  117. A bi-directional power flow IPM-BLDC motor
  118. Bi-directional ac-ac z-source inverter with active Rectifier and feed forward control
  119. Design and implementation of a novel high-performance sensor less control system for interior permanent magnet synchronous motors
  120. Digital average current controlled switching DC–DC converters with single-edge modulation
  121. Digital average current-mode control using current estimation and capacitor charge balance principle for DC–DC converters operating in DCM
  122. FPGA-based predictive current control of a three-phase active front end rectifier
  123. Power loss analysis of current-fed quasi-Z-source inverter
  124. Sensor less speed control of BLDC motor using six Step square wave and rotor position detection
  125. Soft computing technique for double boost converter fed PMDC drive
  126. Speed Control of Induction Motor Using FUZZY-PI Controller
  127. Switched Inductor Z-SOURCE Inverter
  128. Three-phase cascaded multilevel inverter using Power cells with two inverter legs in series
  129. A Voltage Controlled Adjustable Speed PMBLDCM Drive using A Single- Stage PFC Half-Bridge Converter
  130. A Soft-switching hybrid BLDC drive using DC-DC converter
  131. Modified Z-SOURCE Single-Phase Inverter for Single-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
  132. Embedded Control Z-Source Inverter Fed IM
  133. ZESource Inverter Based PMBLDC Motor Drive
  134. Reduction of EMI in AC Drives through Dithering Within Limited Switching Frequency Range
  135. Low cost command device for single-phase induction motors
  136. A New Adjustable-Speed Drives (ASD) System Based on High- Performance Z-Source Inverter
  137. A Low-Cost Digital Control Scheme for Brushless DC Motor Drives in Domestic Applications
  138. Position Sensor less Control for Four-Switch Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Drives
  139. Average-Value Modeling of Brushless DC Motors with 120 deg Voltage Source Inverter
  140. Performance analysis of a four switch 3-phase inverter fed IM drives
  141. Web enabled PMBLDC motor speed control
  142. Vibration analysis for three phase induction motor with automatic Failure notification system
  143. Speed control of three phase induction motor with advanced thermal protection
  144. Microcontroller based single phase cyclo-converter for 1 phase induction motor

  146. A bi-directional battery charger for electric vehicles using photovoltaic pcs systems
  147. A CUK-SEPIC based modular design methodology for smart grid inverters
  148. A single inductor dido DC-DC converter for solar energy harvesting applications using band- band control
  149. Active power filtering implementation using photovoltaic system with reduced energy storage capacitor
  150. Application of Z-source converter in photovoltaic grid connected transformer-less inductor
  151. Autonomous street lighting system based on solar energy and LEDS
  152. Cascaded DC–DC converter photovoltaic systems: power optimization issues
  153. Control of TI-SEPIC converter for optimal utilization of PV power
  154. Design and simulation of converter in small isolated wind power system
  155. Embedded-based control of grid-connected power converters operating under grid distortions
  156. Electronic ballasts directly driven by a battery energy storage system
  157. Four switch buck-boost converter for photovoltaic DC-DC power applications
  158. Fuzzy logic based MPPT for photovoltaic modules influenced by solar irradiation and cell temperature
  159. Hybrid energy storage system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  160. Hybridization of solar panel and batteries for street lighting by passivity based control
  161. Interleaved soft-switching boost converter for photovoltaic power-generation system
  162. Isolated micro-grids with renewable hybrid generation
  163. Methods for the optimal design of grid- connected PV inverters
  164. Microcontroller based intelligent DC/DC converter to track maximum power point for solar photovoltaic module
  165. Novel converter of wind power generation system of non-grid-connection for radio base station
  166. On power-sharing of solar-based hybrid motor-drive systems
  167. Single-phase inverter-control techniques for interfacing renewable energy sources with micro
  168. grid—part ii: series-connected inverter topology to mitigate voltage-related problems along with active power flow control
  169. Supervisory predictive control of standalone wind/solar energy generation systems
  170. The new maximum power point tracking algorithm using ANN-based solar PV systems
  171. Analyzing the optimal matching of DC motors to photovoltaic modules via DC-DC converters
  172. Grid-connected PV system based on the series Z source inverter
  173. Power quality analysis of grid-connected photovoltaic system with adjustable speed drives
  174. Solar battery chargers for NIMH batteries
  175. Supplying a brushless dc motor by z-source PV Power inverter with FLC-IC MPPT by DTC drive
  176. Zero-voltage-transition PWM converters with Synchronous rectifier
  177. Z- Source grid-connected inverter for solving the photovoltaic cell shading problem
  178. A Modular Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Generation System Based on DC Bus
  179. An Integrated Four-Port DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy Applications
  180. High-frequency DC Link Fly back Single Phase Inverter for Grid-connected Photovoltaic System
  181. Implementation of a DC Power System with PV Grid-Connection and Active Power Filtering
  182. Power Control Design of a Battery Charger Hybrid Active PV Generator for Load- Following Applications
  183. Proposal of a DC-DC converter with wide conversion Used in photovoltaic systems and utility power Universal voltage range
  184. Control of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Systems
  185. An Integrated Four-Port DC-DC Convert for Renewable Energy Applications
  186. An Improved Single-Phase Inverter for Small PV-System Using Soft- Switching Technique
  187. Multilevel Inverter Topologies for Stand-Alone PV Systems
  188. Resistive Control for a Photovoltaic Battery Charging System Using a Microcontroller
  189. Multi-Input Inverter for Grid-Connected Hybrid PV/Wind Power System
  190. Grid Connected Photo Voltaic System with Power Factor Correction

  192. Power System Stabilizer Using Fuzzy Logic
  193. Fault Analysis in Distribution Transformer Using Zigbee
  194. Electric Sensing and Microcontroller Control of Load Sharing of Traction Motors
  195. Power Theft Indicator with Load Sharing Capability of Transformer Using GSM Technology
  196. Performance Analysis of LCL T Resonant Converter with Fuzzy PID Controller Using State Space
  197. Two-Leg Three-Phase Inverter Control for STATCOM and SSSC Applications
  198. Recent Power Electronics/ FACTS Installations to Improve Power System Dynamic Performance
  199. Simulink Models of Power Electronic Converters for DC Microgrid Simulation
  200. Location of Facts Devices on Power System for Voltage Control
  201. A Family of Isolated Interleaved Boost and Buck Converters with Winding¬ Cross-Coupled Inductors
  202. Taking the experience from Flexible AC Transmission Systems to flexible AC distribution systems
  203. Distributed FACTS—A New Concept for Realizing Grid Power Flow Control
  204. A New Dc Voltage Balancing Method For Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based Statcom