VLSI & Embedded Traning

Embedded Systems :                      View Syllabus With Brouchure

     Knowledge of Industry Leading 8 bit Microcontroller Architecture.
     Exposure to Protocol Development
Embedded Ethernet etc.,
     RTOS, VxWorks 5.6.
  Applications of MEMS, GSM and RFID Technologies.
Programming and Debugging Tools
Software Development through Embedded ‘C’.
Hardware and Software Development Cycle.
Self Constructed Mini Projects.


     ASIC and FPGA Design Flow.
     Advanced Digital Design Methodologies.
     Architect Design.
     HDL Based Design Methodologies.
     EDA tools:

              Xilinx 9.0.
              Quartus-II 7.2.
     Embedded Development Kit
              Cyclone-II with NIOS-II Processor.
     RTL Coding and Verification.
     Altera FPGA: Cyclone-I,Cyclone-II.

     Xilinx Spartan: Spartan-III,CPLD.
     Industry Standard Mini-Projects.