IEEE Based 2012 Embedded Projects

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  1. Smart GPS Collars for Wild Elephant Herd Movement Control across Virtual Forest Fence using Sound Stimulus and Micro Vibrators
  2. Next Generation E-Voting System with Haptic Touchscreen Interface and Voice Feedback for Elderly and Blind Users
  3. Driverless Intelligent Vehicle for Future Public Transport: GPS Guided Autopilot Robotic Implementation
  4. Swarmbots: Autonomous Collaborative Multi-Robot Color Map Exploration for First-Responder and Military Operations
  5. GPS less 3D Inertial Navigation System for Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning during Urban Combat Operations
  6. Aircraft Collision Avoidance System using GPS Broadcast and Graphical Air-Traffic Display
  7. Navicane: Talking Navigation Cane with Portable Braille Notetaker for Visually Impaired
  8. e-Cardiac Analyzer Device with Multitouch Zoom, Record-Playback and SMS Alert
  9. Digital Medical Prescription Device with Doctor Handwriting Recognition System
  10. Universal iPod + Touchless iDock: Multi-Format Portable Music Player with Touchless Gesture Sensing Dock (MP3, AAC, WMA, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis)
  11. eCall Automotive Telematics Unit and Google Maps Navigation Guidance Device for Faster Emergency Response Times
  12. E-Pad: Smart Wireless Teacher-Student Interaction Device for Future Technology Classroom
  13. Robo Restaurant: High Tech Robotic Waiter with Touch Drawn Path Following, Touch Select Color Menu, MP3 Voice and Wireless Tables
  14. ServoCam: Real-Time Camera Platform Stabilization System based on 3-Axis Inertial Servo Control for Motion Tracking and Helicopter Tilt Compensation
  15. GPS-Copilot: Real-Time Location based Adaptive Speed Control System involving Driver Health and Head Distraction Analysis
  16. BODiBEAT: Adaptive Bio-Feedback MP3 Player for Physical Exercise Control and Music Therapy
  17. HyGeneNet: Intelligent Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System to Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections
  18. Smartdust Network for Border Surveillance System to Detect, Classify and Track Enemy Intrusion using Acoustic-Magnetic-Thermal-Vibration Signatures
  19. Drive-by-Wireless System for Vehicle Control using Steering-Brake-Throttle Sensors and Servo Actuator Wheels
  20. Air-Pen: Airborne Character Recognition System for MP3 Quick Alarm Application
  21. Riverside Network for Early Flood Warning System
  22. Magic Wand: 3D Gesture Recognition based Wireless Home Control System
  23. Body Posture Encrypted Secure Health Monitoring System
  24. Campus Area Security System for Schools and Colleges
  25. Rural and Suburban Public Transport Scheduling System
  26. Soil Area Network for Landslide Prediction and Prevention System
  27. "Radio Frequency Grid based Anti-Theft Prevention for Highly Secured Indoor Locations
  28. Microclimate Controlled Irrigation System for Rural Farmers
  29. Traffic Light Area Network for Green Traffic Stops
  30. GPS Less Street Positioning System for Restaurant and ATM Locating
  31. Multicast Scoreboard Network for Green Sports Grounds
  32. FitBit: Wearable Wireless Activity Tracking System for Fitness Improvement
  33. Drive by Meter for Public Water Management
  34. Smart Helmet for Coal Miners with Voice over ZigBee and Environmental Monitoring
  35. The SpeechBot: Speech Remote Operated Arm Robot
  36. Speech Operated Wireless Family Living Supporting System
  37. Speech Activated Power Wheelchair with Obstacle Avoidance
  38. Voice In Text Out and Text In Voice Out (VITO & TIVO) Communication Device for Deaf EMute
  39. Local Area Web Server for Wireless Robotic Control
  40. Hands Free Wireless Tilt Mouse For Physically Disabled Persons
  41. Remote Home Security and Device Automation System via SMS
  42. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller and Vehicle Congestion Informer
  43. Cost Effective ATM System for micro Deposit Services in Rural Contexts
  44. Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System using WSN and Embedded Ethernet
  45. Wireless Perimeter Safety Monitoring System for Power Plants, Defense and Industries
  46. Anti Theft System for Automobiles with Ignition Control
  47. E-Guardian for the Single Elderly and Chronically-Ill Patients
  48. Local Area Network for Industrial Process Monitoring and Controlling
  49. Direct-Recording Electronic Voting System for Immediate Result Announcement
  50. Smart Wireless Presenter with Red Laser Pointer
  51. Distributed Sensor for Steering Wheel Grip Force Measurement in Driver Fatigue Detection
  52. Multi Language Selected Automatic Voice Playing System for E-Tour Guide
  53. Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor for Defense Security System
  54. Monitoring Abnormal Environment Parameters of Vegetable Greenhouse via SMS
  55. Electronic Switching System Tackling Power Cut
  56. Radio-Controlled Surveillance System for Borders And Restricted Areas
  57. Wireless Communication for Fire Detection Systems in Commercial Areas
  58. Wireless Automation in Defense Camp Security System
  59. Digital Combination Lock for security applications
  60. Secured Wireless Data Communication using Cryptography
  61. Wireless Vending Technology for Inventory Management
  62. Alcohol meter for Safe Driving
  63. Vehicle and Intruder Detection System for Defense Security using
  64. Smart Room Controller using Human Presence Detector

  65. Digital Motor Control / Digital Power Electronics

  66. Improved Structure of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System(2010)
  67. V/F Speed Control of 3 Phase Induction Motor using Space Vector PWM(2011)
  68. Sensor Less Speed Control of Universal Motor with Fuzzy Logic
  69. Remote Control of Stepper Motor Through Local Web Server(2010)
  70. Design and Implementation of Space Vector PWM Voltage Source Inverter using Digital Signal Controller(2009)
  71. Wide Range Speed Control Permanent Magnet Direct Current Motor using Fuzzy Logic
  72. Wireless Precision Stepper motor control using Digital Signal Controller